CloudPublish Support

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Getting started with CloudPublish

Getting started with CloudPublish, and links to other support articles

Understanding the CloudPublish process

A brief overview of the journey taken by source assets added to CloudPublish from upload to subscriber.

Using the CloudPublish administration system

Documentation of the tools provided by the CloudPublish administration system.

Integrating CloudPublish with your website via the CloudPublish API

An introduction to the use of the CloudPublish API to integrate CloudPublish with your website.

Linking CloudPublish resources to CrossRef via DOI

How to link your resources from CloudPublish to CrossRef via DOIs (digital object identifiers)

Linking CloudPublish resources to your customers via MARC records

How to link your CloudPublish resources to your customers via MARC records

Uploading source files

How to upload your source files to CloudPublish via FTP, including information about required file types.

Introduction to metadata

An overview of the types of metadata used in CloudPublish

Metadata: ONIX for eBooks

How to use ONIX metadata to describe eBooks for publication in CloudPublish

Metadata for eJournals

How to supply metadata for eJournals published via CloudPublish

Metadata for eChapters

How to supply metadata for eChapters published via CloudPublish

CloudPublish DRM options

An overview of the DRM options available within CloudPublish

Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe-compatible apps

Documentation of how Adobe Digital Editions works with CloudPublish, and an overview of Adobe-compatible apps

FastReader: the CloudPublish online eReader

Documentation of the features available in FastReader: the CloudPublish online eReader

User authentication options

An overview of available options for user authentication when integrating CloudPublish